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Coin Whisperer's Coin of the Week: Genesis Vision (GVT)

Trade scenario

Long term sentiment: Bullish Long term price target: 0.00035 BTC Short term trade potential:

Genesis Vision (#GVT) Buy around: 0.0001600 BTC Target 1: 0.0001750 BTC (9.38%) Target 2: 0.0002000 BTC (25%) Target 3: 0.0002300 BTC (43.75%) Target 4: 0.0002750BTC (71.88%) Target 5: 0.0003200 BTC (100%) Stop-loss: 0.0001400 BTC (-12.5%) Mid term signal (7–14 days) GVT available on: Binance, IDEX, KuCoin

What is Genesis Vision?

Genesis Vision is a platform that is built on blockchain and smart contracts with the ultimate goal of uniting exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a fully decentralized network to make the financial market more global. On the platform, successful traders are able to quickly scale their trading strategies by attracting investors from all over the world. Thanks to the smart contract technology which is integral to the platform, Genesis Vision will provide an automated and completely transparent system for investment and profit distribution. 

The platform aims to solve critical problems within the industry like lack of information, lack of transparency, and of course lack of trust. 

GVT (Genesis Vision Token) is the internal currency of the Genesis Vision platform and is used for all investment operations and profit distributions. 

You can learn more about the platform and the ultimate goals of the Genesis vision platform from their white paper here:

Genesis Vision V2

Genesis Vision V2 is coming by the end of the year which aims to improve the platform in preparation for more real world adoption. 

A quote from the team: ‘By the end of the year, GV 2.0 will be launched with great conceptual improvements. We will use that time to rebrand and actively promote a more mature platform ready for mass adoption. We cannot wait to show you, and the rest of the world, what we have planned. See you soon Visioners!’’


Genesis Vision is a project that we are excited about both in short and long term. We will continue to monitor the projects progress and look forward to the improvements to come.

Coin of the Week Giveaway

We are huge fans of the Genesis Vision platform and are excited for the future they are attempting to build. Because of that we are giving away 45 GVT! Just follow the instructions on our twitter to secure your chance to win!

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