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Coin Whisperer's: Building a better trading community

When the Coin Whisperer trading group was first formed over a year ago, it was done so with one major goal in mind. That goal, which is still at the forefront of our mission, was to provide a safe environment for traders to learn and grow. We saw the pump and dump scam groups that are all too common in the crypto space and knew we wanted to do it different. We feel like we have been successful so far but now we want to expand our reach, we still hear stories of traders being scammed, or losing a majority of their funds chasing pump schemes that never only seek to take advantage of their lower tier members. Coin Whisperer’s are committed to continuing to provide the same great quality free and premium channels along with new features geared towards expanding knowledge of the technology in which we are trading.

Coin of the Week Program

We would like to introduce our new coin of the week program. This program is geared towards learning about the technology and fundamentals of different crypto projects. Each week we intend to post some informational articles and videos on our twitter account about a project and as a reward for learning something new and taking the time to retweet the information, we will randomly select one person who retweets to win some of that token or coin for free. The idea here is very simple, just learn, share, and potentially earn some free crypto. Be sure to watch out on our twitter for the first coin of the week which will be coming soon.

Don’t Miss This Special!

We are currently running a special to all of our free chat members which we would now like to extend to the general public. This is specifically for our breakout group and our auto trader. Our breakout channel has been extremely profitable and consistent since its inception. We want to be able to share this with everyone who has ever had any interest in trading in the crypto space.

- Breakout Channel for 0.0125 BTC for 1 month - Breakout + Gold Auto Trader for 0.02 BTC for 1 month

This membership deal is available to anyone who would like to try out our services and you can add up to a maximum of 3 months at this current rate.

As always, there is never any pressure to join our paid subscription groups, so feel free to join us in our free channel for as long as you would like and see what we are all about.

Contact @Bigrichardo if you would like to use this special.

**This offer is only valid through November 25, 2019**

At Coin Whisperer we are always striving to continue developing new strategies, tools, and products that make trading and the exchange of information as easy as possible. Our latest update to the group is the building of our new website which we are very excited about. This will be where we post profit reports, progress mapping for new projects, and crypto related news. We are also exploring options to add a payment gateway to allow payment for our premium services and bots in any currency you would like so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Join our Awesome Crypto Community!

We are very excited to be bringing more resources and products to our community, so stay tuned for more updates!

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